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Football Is Upon Us!

Yes, it's that time again. Time for chips, beers, hollering at the television, ruined fantasy pick, and tired Tuesday mornings after an overtime MNF game. I could wax poetic about the upcoming season, the injuries, the predictions, but at work, we've taken a different twist and done a ranking of the NFL teams' social media presence.

The wizards at W2O Group analyzed the social presence of all 32 NFL teams to produce this list of the top 20 in another installment of W2O Ranks. You can find more details on the  methodology of the ranking here. You'll also see that this infographic is presented using my company's (NextWorks) technology, the Image Capsule. Just hover over the various interactive tags to see the teams' social channels.

And yes, given the chances my Philadelphia Eagles have this year, I'm glad to see they ranked at #6!


Phillies Parade

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Phillies Parade"]Phillies Parade[/caption] Well the long wait is over. The Philadelphia Phillies -- those Fightin' Phils -- have won the World Series following a 28-year drought. And this was in a town that hadn't had a championship of the four major teams in a quarter of a century. Mind you, there are other towns that have had it worse, like Cleveland, Buffalo, and Seattle, but I put it to you that Philly fans were hurting for it the most. As a life-long Philadelphia sports fan, I must say that I couldn't be prouder of the Phils this year. I have a vague recollection of the '74 and '75 Flyers champions, and I remember fondly the '80 Phillies, the '83 Sixers behind Dr. J, and the Super Bowl-contending Eagles of '81 and '05. I was a die-hard Flyers fan in the mid 1980's with their great teams that always wound up losing to The Great One (timing is everything, I guess). One of the saddest sports memories I have is watching Joe Carter smack that series-ending home run off Mitch Williams. And for the record, it was a good pitch, and Wild Thing had one of the best seasons that year a closer could ever hope to have. Which brings us to 2008. This team, led by the manager with a heart of gold, Charlie Manuel, defied their skeptics and lived up to their potential. And to do it at home during one of the most bizarre games in World Series history just topped it off. While watching Brad Lidge's final pitch, I had a rush of emotion flow over me, the likes of which Philadelphia fans can only vaguely recall -- until now.   Phillies parade To further celebrate, I decided to "excuse" my son from school and took him down to the parade with a couple million of our closest friends. Both he and I had a blast, and I know this will live long in his memory. Now, as the dust settles, the late night interviews come to an end, and the golf bags get ready, we can only bask in the afterglow of this truly momentous occasion. And of course cheer on the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers, each of which have .500 records or better as of this post.