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What Does the iPhone 5 Mean to You?

Check out my podcast interview with my colleagues Stephan Merkens and Patrick Donnelly on the updates to the new iPhone from Apple and what it means to companies and consumers.


Finally ... iPhone 5

I was so relieved to hear about the new iPhone 5 and its features. I almost felt like I was at the presentation while viewing Engadget's excellent live blog of the event. My excitement wasn't solely because of the fact that a new iPhone was coming out (although that can't be dismissed). I had a more pressing reason for my excitement. I really need one!

The iPhone I did have was the iPhone 4, which I was perfectly happy with. So much so that I decided it would be a good idea to take it with me when I went kayaking with my daughter at a lake in the Poconos. When the kayak started to get a little unsteady, I thought we'd better turn around, so I can put my iPhone back on the deck. And then *bloop* our kayak overturned, and my iPhone took a dip in the lake. My brother-in-law got it into a bag of rice to dry out, but the damage was done. It was dead (begin sad violins).

So I decided to resurrect my old iPhone 3GS. I figured, "I only need it to last for four months until the next iPhone is released." Of course, fates being tempted, it happened. I dropped the iPhone 3GS onto my friend's porch and *crack* went the screen:

Come on!! I decided to get an Invisible Shield screen cover to keep the glass in place, since the touch screen actually still worked. This, from a phone that runs like a 2-legged dog since I upgraded it to iOS 5. And in this last week of its life, since the iPhone 5 announcement, it seems to be running even slower ... almost like it's taunting me.

If you need me, I'll be standing in line next Friday morning at the Apple Store.