Phillies Parade

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Phillies Parade"]Phillies Parade[/caption] Well the long wait is over. The Philadelphia Phillies -- those Fightin' Phils -- have won the World Series following a 28-year drought. And this was in a town that hadn't had a championship of the four major teams in a quarter of a century. Mind you, there are other towns that have had it worse, like Cleveland, Buffalo, and Seattle, but I put it to you that Philly fans were hurting for it the most. As a life-long Philadelphia sports fan, I must say that I couldn't be prouder of the Phils this year. I have a vague recollection of the '74 and '75 Flyers champions, and I remember fondly the '80 Phillies, the '83 Sixers behind Dr. J, and the Super Bowl-contending Eagles of '81 and '05. I was a die-hard Flyers fan in the mid 1980's with their great teams that always wound up losing to The Great One (timing is everything, I guess). One of the saddest sports memories I have is watching Joe Carter smack that series-ending home run off Mitch Williams. And for the record, it was a good pitch, and Wild Thing had one of the best seasons that year a closer could ever hope to have. Which brings us to 2008. This team, led by the manager with a heart of gold, Charlie Manuel, defied their skeptics and lived up to their potential. And to do it at home during one of the most bizarre games in World Series history just topped it off. While watching Brad Lidge's final pitch, I had a rush of emotion flow over me, the likes of which Philadelphia fans can only vaguely recall -- until now.   Phillies parade To further celebrate, I decided to "excuse" my son from school and took him down to the parade with a couple million of our closest friends. Both he and I had a blast, and I know this will live long in his memory. Now, as the dust settles, the late night interviews come to an end, and the golf bags get ready, we can only bask in the afterglow of this truly momentous occasion. And of course cheer on the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers, each of which have .500 records or better as of this post.


This is a message to all those still-undecided voters out there: DECIDE! The only thing more annoying than the last few weeks of election news (see episode 38 of The Dave and Matt Show) is the fact that there are still quite a few people who haven't made up their minds as to whom they're voting for. What more do you need to know? We've been through four debates, SNL skits, endless news coverage, and a litany of unsolicited automated phone calls. By the way, if anyone who's in charge of those annoying phone calls is reading this, please stop calling my house. It's a week away, and I know who I'm voting for. I'm sure many of you have received these calls: "Hi, this is [INSERT CANDIDATE NAME]. I wanted to make sure you were aware of [INSERT CANDIDATE'S OPPONENT'S NAME]'s ads attacking my record on [INSERT RANDOM POLITICAL POLICY]. [HIS or HER] ads are just another example of political mudslinging in this time of financial crisis. I hope on November fourth, I can count on your support, so that we can make a difference in [INSERT STATE NAME]." I think I'd like to start a "Don't anyone ever call me for any reason whatsoever, unless you are on fire" registry. If you'd like to join me in supporting the DAECMFARWUYAOF Registry (, send me a comment, or go to the Web site. And please get all of your research in during this last week. "Better than a voter, is an informed voter." - M.S.

Christmas in October

Believe it or not, I heard a Christmas song on the radio today. Yes, that's right -- it's October 17! Two weeks until Halloween. While driving this afternoon and scanning by 106.7 FM, a lite music station in New York, they actually played Bruce Springstein's "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town." When I was little, I used to love the all-Christmas-tunes block on Christmas Eve (and that was only in the eve, back then). Later, stations started it up in the beginning of December, then on Black Friday. Then it started getting ridiculous when we'd hear them before Thanksgiving, but this??? Get a grip, people. When I spoke with Dave and Matt Show co-host, Dave, about this, he surmised it was the establishment who ultimately owns the media wanting their faithful consumers to start thinking of spending in this time of financial crisis. You want the perfect gift for this holiday season? Then get some Swiss Francs.


Joe the Plumber?

Try "Joe the Unlicensed Plumber"


"Joe, Who May Be Connected to John McCain's S&L Scandal"

Here's the latest from the McCain Crew. It seems that Joe isn't actually a plumber at all. He does not have a plumber's license. To boot, it seems that he may be related to (son of?) Robert Wurzelbacher, son-in-law of Charles Keating of the Keating Five Scandal of the late 1980s. Thank goodness some reporters are actually doing some hard journalism to uncover these things. Long live Woodward & Bernstein!

They grow up too fast

I'm the father of three wonderful children -- better than I could have hoped for and probably better than I deserved (I'll thank my wife, then). I have two girls, aged 4 and 7, and a son who's 8. I've noticed lately that my son has started to pull away a bit from his parents. My wife was the first to go with, "Mom, you don't have to kiss me goodbye at school." I've noticed lately that whenever I throw him a loving stare, an extended hug, or have him in my lap (tougher these days, as he's growing like a weed), he gets this look of ennui, disinterest, and just a smidgen of disdain. It's obvious to him that he's getting too old for that, and it's only now becoming clear to me. This is tough to digest because it was only a little over 8 years ago that I was holding this 6-week-premature chicken of a baby that fit in my forearm like a football. The pictures I scan through in iPhoto are now only distant memories of a toddler I once knew. One that looked at me like I was his entire world. Mind you, the one thing I hoped for on behalf of my children -- even before I had children -- was a strong sense of independence. It's something I lacked until my early twenties. However, now that he's developing it, I want it taken away, dammit! The consolation of my girls' undying enthusiasm for their father is matched only by my pride in my son's self-determination and self-reliance. I guess this is a long way of telling you who have young children this ... by all means, cherish the times you spend with your children. If you're presented with a choice of spending time with them or not, choose the former. If you must do something that would take you from them, consider taking them with you. Some of the most seemingly mundane moments in adults' lives can fill a child with joy and wonder, like taking them to work. Remember, they're only this age once.